Friday, May 27, 2011

Summer and School

Well, I haven't blogged in such a long time because it takes way too long, BUT, I have been reading blogs! Latley I have been spending a couple of hours each day reading nienie and Cjane.... literally a couple of hours each day. It is so interesting!! This last semester I was in a Literay Explorations class ( its an English reading class) and it was a class designed to get kids to like reading and to enjoy it. I like reading some novels, especially mysteries, and wizards, and magical stories, and I also like reading blogs. My teacher said some people like reading, even if they think they don't. Some people picutre reading a novel is the only type of reading there is, but reading blogs is too! My teacher said if you like to read blogs, you like to read!
Well...... School is out for SUMMER!!!!! A recap of my year....
Biology ( eh) alright class, not the most interesting ( want to know about the DNA and genes in your body, want to know how Downsyndrome, and other things like that occur?) If so take Biology! ( you get some other stuff along the one, the things I just explained were the most interesting)
Seminary is such a great class! This year we learned about church history and everything Joseph Smith and the early saints went through! This is something my Seminary teacher said a lot, " Whats the purpose of the Plan of Salvation?" answer, " To become like God." Other quotes from Brother Jones, " Don't expect a millon dollar answer from a 10 cent prayer." " Trials aren't ment to stay, think of the famous phrase from the Book of Mormen, and it came to pass. Trials came to pass, not to stay." The 2nd to last day of school my friends and I went to see Brother Nielsen ( our Book of Mormon seminary teacher from last year, he is at the Junior High) he's everyone's favorite seminary teacher. It was great to see him again. I loved Brother Jones too, I will get to see him more often because he will be at Mountain View next year too! I won't have him though because they don't let you have the same Seminary teacher twice.

La Clase de Espanol es muy interesante. Para mi, es muy facil, pero mi papa hable Espanol. Yo soy muy estudiosa en la clase de espanol. Yo estudio todos los dias con mi papa. We had many finals in Spanish class. A speaking ( I got 19 out of 20!!!) a writing ( I also got a 19 out f 20 on that one one too!) and then a mulitple choice.. we didn't get the scores back from that one because we took it the last day of school, but it was SO EASY so I'm pretty sure I did good! It invovled listening, reading short stories and letters in Spanish and answering questions based off of that, and then grammer, conjecting to present tense verbs ( O, as, a amos, ais, an... those are the AR ending verbs!) then there are ER and IR ending verbs too. Next year we will be learing how to conjugate to past tense verbs.... and Spanish has 2 past tenses!! I don't know the difference between the 2 past tenses, but I will learn next year! For me the hardest things in Spanish is when you have 2 different words that mean the same exsact thing in English. For example Ser and Estar both mean to be. If you conjugate them they could mean, is, am, and are. At first it was hard for me to know when to put Ser vs. Estar... after a while I got it down though!
English is split into 2 different class: Princalpals of Enlgish and Literary Explorations. Principals of Enlgish is a writing class ( thats all you do the whole semester.. write a whole bunch of essays) and Literary Explorations is the exsact opposite, you read the whole semster. We read many short stories and 3 novels. 2 indepent novels and 1 as a class. She had a list of books we could read for our indepent novles. The first book I read was The sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, then we read To Kill A Mockingbird ( such a good book!) everyone in the class read that book, but we still read it on our own at home. If you have not read To Kill A Mockingbird, you should! The characters seem so real, its a great book. The only book Harper Lee wrote. Then make sure you watch the movie afterwords! Then the last novel I read was called Night. Also a great book! Its a true story about a 15 year old boy and his journey through the Concentration Camp... very sad, but you should read it! We also had a poetry unit, a dramatic unit, and other things. By far, I loved Literary Explorations more than Principals of English ( who wants to write?!)
Choir was great as always. The last concert was a Rockin' Roll concert. Some choirs put on melodies from Queen, Michal Jackson, and some 80s songs.
Geometry is OVER! It is the most hated math class. Its also the most failed class at Mountain View. I got a solid B out of the class, but I still struggled. It is the hardest class I have ever taken. Sometimes I would dream about shapes, and think are those shapes congruent? They have vertical angles, and corresponging angles, maybe their congrent by the SAS theorem..... oh and do NOT get me started on proofs! Those are horrible. You know your in Geometry when you look at the sidewalk and start to anilize it, you start thinking oh look, vertical angles, those angles are congrent! Or when you look at a table and see perpendicular lines and you know that it is a 90 degree angle. Next year back to the easy stuff: Algebra 2!!! so excited! back to the good old X's and Y's, slope fomula, factoring, foil, Y= MX+B! the easy stuff!

I'm excited for this summer! I'm going to be volunteering at Camp Fiesta!!! Alyssa worked there! I will be working with Special Needs children. We will play games, go swimming, and have a good time! I am also looking forward to Girls Camp! July 8-11! The theme is " There's no place like home" from the Wizard of Oz! I've heard its going to be really great! And like always...... I will go to Idaho! My favorite state, to visit my wonderful Grandma! I should also be finishing Personal Progress this summer! I'm working on my last project, a garen for Faith, and then I have 3 more value experiences! I will also continue the piano! Have a great summer!



  2. Yes, summer days! Don't we love them. I'm glad the school year is over too.