Saturday, May 28, 2011


In 5th grade I read the best books. Everyday I looked forward to after lunch when my teacher would read to us for about 45 minutes. I loved that time of the day! It was always relaxing. We read a lot of books about pioneers and their journeys out west. We also seemed to read a lot of books involving people learning to survive on their own. Some of the books we read were: The Island of the Blue Dolphins, Hatchet, The Sign of the Beaver, I can't remember the title but it was about a man and his dogs, Bridge to Teribithia, and like I said many pioneer books. A couple of weeks ago we were at the mall and we went into the book store. There was a table that had many books that I read in 5th grade! Some others that I read in 6th grade ( The Giver and Bud Not Buddy.) All of these books were so good, it took me back to 5th grade! On this table they also had the book The Witch of Blackbird Pond. I read the back of it and it seemed really interesting, I'm going to read it. We have it but Alyssa took it up to BYU so I'm going to have to get it from the library. I also want to read the series The Maze Runner. I have the 1st one on hold for me at the library, it might be a little bit of a wait so I should get The Witch of Blackbird Pond first and maybe by the time I'm done with that book The Maze Runner might be ready for me.
Over the Summer ( and the start of the fall) I want to try to read these books:
The Witch of Blackbird Pond
The Maze Runner
( series)
The Gathering ( series)
All of the books I meantined above are really good and should be read if you have not read them. Bud not Buddy is my least favorite out of all of the ones up there, but it is still pretty good.

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  1. I remember reading The Island of the Blue Dolphins!! That one was my favorite.:) And, you're right, all of the good books we read in 5th grade!