Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Walking on Sunshine! Girls Camp!

At the Stake Center waiting to leave! All the 4th year girls!
All 4th years and are wonderful leaders!
Right after the bus dropped us off. Waiting to start our big hike with our big overnight backpacks!

During the hike! Here is a switch back! Bro. Peterson is leading. Its hard to see me in this pic.
Coming down the switch back! You can see me in this one!
Kate fell on the hike ( its very easy too, I felt like I was going to fall the whole time). Dr. Peterson is wrapping up her sprained ankle.
Here is Sis. Peterson! In the back is Sis. Hatch and Bro. Brewer.
Some of the leaders! The Brewers on each side and the Hatches in the middle.
This is mine and Kara's tube tent. We slept in this for one night. It didn't add a lot of weight and it was very easy to set up. The Brewers and some other girls used a tube tent as well. Its great for one night! I'm wearing my Pancho cause it had been raining!
Bro. Brewer teaching us about shelter.
Bro. Peterson taught a first aid class, as a result 2 girls fainted. Bro. Peterson explained to us that some people faint really easy when they see someone's blood or even their own or sometimes when they are just talking about it. I can't remember who this is but Holli Durfee also fainted, a picture was not taken because hers was more serious, she was out for a much longer time. Both girls are great!
Our dinner for Friday night ( first night.) We had chicken soup. All of the girls were suppose to cook their own dinner but it rained to hard so the leaders did it all for us!

Below are some fun games we played on Saturday morning.

Finishing our hike on Saturday morning. We hiked for a couple of hours on Friday, stopped for the day and set up our tents, did some activities, than on Saturday morning we continued our hike to West Camp. We walked right through Main Camp where the rest of the stake was and it was really fun to see our wards!! Everyone was cheering us on saying, " You made it!! And you are actually smiling unlike last year!!!" Sis. Blair came and gave everyone in my ward ( Groves ward) the biggest hug!
Taylor and I. I did a lot of things with her the whole time up at Girls Camp!
Kara, me, and Taylor. The rest of the Saturday consisted of us taking showers, ( waiting in line to take a shower as well), resting, getting our sleeping bags and belonging in the cabins, and pretty much free time! Taylor, Kara, and I went down to the eating area along with some other people and played some games. We played quarters, psychiatrist, and do you love your neighbor. Sis. Peterson was really fun and played with us.
Sunday we walked to main camp for church. This is President Wood ( I think!) He is the 2nd counselor in the Stake Presidency. I didn't even know this picture was taken, but Bro. Porter just took some pictures without us knowing!
All of the Mia maids in the Stake that went to Girls Camp!
The rest of the Sunday we got to spend time with our wards. This is the 1-3rd years from my ward that went to Girls Camp. The girls in green were their YCLs. I'm not in this picture because I'm a 4th year!
My Young Women leaders!!! ( from left to right) Sis Blair ( our ward camp director), Sis Farnsworth ( Our Young Women President), and Sis. Mcdanel ( 1st counselor in Young Womens.) Sis. Wright was also there but she is not in this picture.
Monday morning we went repelling!!! This is the mountain we repelled off of. If you see the rope that is where we went down at! It was 50 ft.
On top of the repelling mountain with all of the rope. I'm not in this picture because I had already repelled!
Bro. Peterson getting all of the ropes ready. Down below is a little stream of water. When we were done repelling we ate our sack lunches and then some girls went swimming. The whole time while I was on top of the mountain I was SO scared!!! I kept looking down at the streets and wishing I was down there! If the hike wasn't so hard to up there I probably would have walked down! But the hike was hard! And a little dangerous. I'm glad I did it though! Sierra Hemeyer in my ward was yelling at Bro. Peterson to pull her back up because she was TERRIFIED!!! Another girl was crying! Then there were some girls that went down so fast! They were the pros!
I'm not sure who this is going down, it might be Bro. Hatch. If its not him its Bro. Peterson.
Me going repelling!! I don't look scared but I was! You have to do the most unnatural thing and lean back into nothing! I didn't trust that rope!
There I go! It wasn't so scary once you got off of the cliff, than going down wasn't a big deal!
The last night ( Monday) each group did a skit. This was the leaders.
This is my group ( the orange group) doing our little skit. We just sang a little song about Walking on Sunshine ( which was our theme.)
The orange group was the Brewer group, the red group was the Hatch group, and the pink group was the Peterson group. We slept in the same cabins with our groups and did capers with our groups.
All of the 4th years!! This was suppose to be a goofy picture!
All of the 4th years in our camp shirts that said ' Walking on Sunshine' and it had a sun smiling.

This was a great camp year for me. I had awesome leaders!! They were really fun! The theme was Walking on Sunshine! The key to happiness is following the Son who is our Savoir. We had a way better experience than last year! Last year the 4th years got poured on during their hike and while they were sleeping in their tents. A lot of them got hurt. They got lost on their hike. They had to go repelling for their hike and it was pouring then. This year they didn't have us go repelling for our hike so if it was raining we wouldn't go. Every night we had a special fireside by our leaders. We sang camp songs and had a wonderful time!
To walk on Sunshine you must:
Pray morning and night everyday
Read The Book of Mormon at least 5 minutes everyday
and always SMILE! These are also Sis. Dalton's ( General Young Women President) goals for each Young Women.
Another thing you must do to Walk on Sunshine and always be happy is to follow the Son and His light.
2010 Mountain View Stake Girls Camp theme

Thanks to Bro. Porter ( and for the 4th years, Sis. Peterson) for the beautiful pictures!
Are you Walking on Sunshine?

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  1. So glad you had a great experience at Girls Camp. Gosh, next year you will be a YCL. Keep Smiling and Walking on Sunshine!!!!

  2. You are so very brave to go repelling. Sounds like a great young women's camp.

  3. It sounds like you had fun!!!

  4. Yes it was very fun! and repelling was very scary going off the cliff of the mountain and waiting to do it, but once that part is over it is not bad at all!

  5. I enjoyed reading you blog it sounds like you had a good time, and you did not want to go. I am not so sure I would want to do the repelling maybe if I were young I would.

  6. Yes it was a lot better than I thought! I didn't know if I wanted to go repelling either but I did. I'm glad I did it now too!