Thursday, July 1, 2010

Oh, what do you do in the summertime when its to HOT to go outside?

Do you play piano?

Or go for a swim?

Or work on Family History?

Is that what you do? So do I!

My sister is going to think that is dumb and cheesy that I did that, and my mom is going to think its cute, but I just felt like doing it! At least one of them will say the line with Family History doesn't fit! Oh well!! This summer I have just been busy with personal progress! I completed my Good Works project about 2 weeks ago. With this project I went to the Family History Center and worked many hours at home looking for my ancestors that need their eternal temple work done. I had the opportunity to go and perform Baptisms and Confirmations for some of the girls that I had found. In all I found 13 girls and 19 boys! My sister ( Alyssa) did 6 of the girls and I did 7. My brother, Trent, did all 19 boys. It was a wonderful experience! Two of my aunts went down to the Temple today and did all the initiatory for the girls. They also did 2 Endowments ( one each.) Thanks Maire and Gail!!!!! My other aunt, Sharon, found out and she wants to do some too so I sent Maire home with a girl she can do along with a boy her husband can do. While they were at the Temple doing work ( My mom would have gone, but her Temple Recommend expired the previous day!!) I went back on to the website and found some more girl names!!! I also some boys! So I'll have to plan another Temple trip!! ( For details about the STEP program which got me started on Family History see the post I Love to see the Temple I'll go inside some day...) I also have been working on my Divine Nature project! I'm making a baby blanket! A wonderful lady who use to be in my ward is helping me with it along with my mom! ( Thanks mom and Kay!!!) I have just barley started working on that, pictures will come up as soon as I get them. I would say so far my favorite Personal Progress project is Good Works which is the Family History and Temple work! Its such a good and exciting feeling! I know it is a Good Work.


  1. It is a Good Work. Now, I did do a part too. Remember I went earlier, before my recommend expired and did an initiatory and endowment.
    Love Ya, MOM

  2. That's awesome! I like how you started out with that song! haha

  3. Mom: YES! I remember now, I would have added that if I had remembered.
    Lindsay: Lol! yeah, I just felt like doing that!

  4. Yeah for you. This is awesome Desi.