Saturday, May 15, 2010


I love the piano! My piano teacher is in a group with a LOT of different piano teachers that hold little events through out the year. ( That is the website with the group that she is in. One of the events is piano achievement day. It is suppose to acknowledge all of the hard work and achievement you had made through out the year. You go in a little room with a judge ( its really another teacher that is in the group) and they listen to you play some scales, chord progressions, cadences, arppegios ( didn't do the best on those!), and they listen to you play 3 songs memorized. You also do a sight reading. ( playing a piece you haven't seen before.) They write comments about you, where you can improve and what you did really well at. Last year I did pretty good, but this year I think I did a little worse than last year, but still good. You also take a theory test pertaining to the level you are at. I am at level 5. Then you do ear training ( you have to identify if a chord is major or minor, they have a scale and they ask you to identify what note was wrong, identify if the interval is a 5th, 8th 3rd, 2nd, etc. They had a line of music and they played it and you had to feel in the missing notes, and more things like that.) This year I also did a duet. There are other things you can do like write a report about a music time period and learn about a composer but I didn't do those things. My teacher said she might have me do those next year. In a way this little event is like my final for piano. Its the big test! But I love it!


  1. Wow, your piano teacher does alot for piano.You sounds like you're getting really good!

  2. She does do a lot! She doesn't force you to do anything if you don't want to do it though, thats what I like. But I still like to do it all!